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Folking Hell: Beans on Toast at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

January came with its promise of a new year and we all blindly sang along to Auld Lang Syne clinging desperately to our hope for a better one. 2017 warned ...

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Seven dystopian rock operas: the Qwertys’ unfinished project

The American college band Qwerty Fuck Fuck, initially dismissed as attention seekers with no idea how to play, tune, or hold their instruments, later proved themselves to be talented composers. ...

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British Sea Power think global act local with their upcoming album

British Sea Power’s last original studio album, Machineries of Joy, was released back in 2013. In the interim, they’ve put out two albums of reworked tracks – a selection of ...

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Let me tell you about… Eddie Argos of Art Brut

In this, our new series, our writers are telling you about artists that they love. This month it is the turn of the brilliant Maxine White, who is here to ...

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‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay’: the first posthumous No.1 in US chart history

On 10th December 1967 Otis Redding, possibly the greatest soul singer of all time, died in a plane crash in Madison, Wisconsin, at the age of 26. One month later ...

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Two’s Up

Welcome to Two’s Up.  Come in, sit down. If this is your first time then there’s a few things you need to know. So. The rules. The rules are you ...

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Let Me Tell You About… Bombino

In this new monthly feature our writers will tell you all about an artist they love. This month it’s Adam Rowden’s turn to tell you all about Bombino…. Bombino’s music moves ...

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A Travelling Heartbeat – Experiencing Music

Music is a reflection of a people. The means of looking past any surface concerns to see the beautiful, ethereal soul of a culture, if only for an all too ...

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Three new releases in 2017 – The Future Dub Project talk about the year ahead

The Future Dub Project had a busy 2016. Countless live shows, plenty of festivals and the release of their incredibly slick and excellently produced Faster EP. However, in 2017, the ...

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Raising awareness – Octopuses release new video with support from Caroline Lucas

Brighton’s favourite psych-indie band Octopuses are releasing their latest single which is not only aiming to get people dancing, but is also working towards effecting positive change. The video for ...

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Rambling ROots

The Rambling Roots on finally coming home and their new EP

Emma Morgan and Adam Wilkens, are a couple who have spent the last half a decade travelling the world together making music under the name The Rambling Roots. Their music ...

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Bobbie Johnson on hip-hop, production and her jokey stage

Hip-hop artist Bobbie Johnson went through stages of writing political lyrics and she also had an angry phase. But what is she focusing on at the moment? “To be honest,” ...

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