smith westerns

Let me tell you about… Smith Westerns

In this new monthly feature our writers will tell you all about an artist that they feel more people should know about. In the first instalment new contributor Chris Mason ...

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glastonbury 2

Sing for the people – Finding out about Brexit at Glastonbury

I could hear the familiar dramatic voice of news person filtering into my dreams, it was 5:12am, what was the commotion? We’d left the EU, what the….? We’d voted to ...

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In the know: Industry experts speak about getting signed to a record label

Let’s say you’ve just put together a fantastic album of catchy and intelligent pop songs, and you’ve got another 20 ready to record, and you’ve got a great set of ...

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record player

Girl Put Your Records On

I got a record player for my birthday, my 36th birthday, it was a pale blue record player disguised as a briefcase, blue like the sky and vintagey. It’s an ...

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10 Years On And Guitar Music Is Dead

It has been ten years since the Arctic Monkey’s exploded onto the radio with their forty-one minute debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not. Ten ...

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Before Clementine

Benjamin Clementine has stolen my heart, just in time for a summer romance. Five special words spoke to me and turned my head, not “I Love You Maxine White,” but ...

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KINESIS: Looking back at teenage obsession

One sure sign of getting older is being able to look back at the music you listened to a few years before and think “What the hell was I thinking?” ...

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Jazz Cafe Drunk

  You know what it’s like when you first meet someone and you want to actually become the fantasy they have of you? Well that’s how I got introduced to ...

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Rambling ROots

The Rambling Roots on finally coming home and their new EP

Emma Morgan and Adam Wilkens, are a couple who have spent the last half a decade travelling the world together making music under the name The Rambling Roots. Their music ...

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Bobbie Johnson on hip-hop, production and her jokey stage

Hip-hop artist Bobbie Johnson went through stages of writing political lyrics and she also had an angry phase. But what is she focusing on at the moment? “To be honest,” ...

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fiervce frin

The debut interview – Fierce Friend frontman Alan Grice

Alan Grice’s songs sat unfinished for over a decade. During that time, he was a sideman in various Brighton bands, including the Electric Soft Parade. “I didn’t even have the ...

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ellie ford

Ellie Ford on her hotly anticipated debut album

Growing up in York Minster, a young Ellie Ford started off recording a capella songs on an old tape player. Always writing her own music, she developed into a captivating ...

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