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Tigercub talk new single, playing Europe and more

I first came across Tigercub in their hometown of Brighton in September 2010, at what must have been one of their first live shows. I remember it well because it was the first gig I ever reviewed back when I was studying journalism as a wee 20-year-old. In that review, many moons ago, I mentioned that the guys had been generating a lot of buzz around town. And now, almost five years on, they have been played by Zane Lowe on Radio One, reviewed in too many places to mention, toured Europe, released some awesome videos and some brilliant singles and they’ve even played live on German TV.

Words by Adam Rowden

Two singles; the chaotic Centrefold and the grungy Blue Blood, produced by Tom Dalgety  (Royal Blood, The Family Rain), were released in 2014, and they followed these up on Thursday with their brand new single Destroy.

Their abrasive, grunge-pop sound combines with masterful song-craftsmanship and vibrant energy to make them a great band both on record and on stage. Hailing from Brighton, Jamie, James and Jim (all the J’s), on Lead guitar and vocals, drums and bass respectively, have supported the likes of The Bronx, The Family Rain, Blood Red Shoes and Bayside along the way and have a lot more coming up in the next 12 months.

I recently caught up with Jamie, to chat about all things Tigercub…


Tell me all about your new single Destroy?

Destroy is a passive aggressive post-mortem on growing up in the modern world and the banal tragedies that we all experience, but never mention.”

And what have been the highlights of the last 12 months?

Well… Touring Europe with Blood Red Shoes was a lot of fun, the shows were huge and the catering was delicious every night. Our headline tour in February this year was incredible too, we threw together some dates to see if anyone would buy tickets and we were totally blown away by the turnout, it’s given us so much affirmation and drive, man.

Check out the lyric video for Destroy below

You toured with Bayside, how was that?

It was fun, they’re great guys and we all hit it off straight away. It felt like we were the odd ones out on the bill but that just made us want to be weirder and try and fuck with people more.

And how have you found playing abroad?

Amazing, couldn’t recommend it more. In Europe the beer is cheap and people want you to do well, love it!

I saw you ended up being interviewed and played live on German TV, how did that come about and how was the experience?

We have a good friend out in Berlin who hooked us up last minute. When we turned up it felt like we’d just walked onto the set of Nathan Barley…  I don’t think anyone was expecting us to be so loud [laughs] it was pretty funny.

How did it feel to get airtime on Radio One with Zane Lowe?

Incredible, there is nothing like hearing your song played on Zane’s show.

The video for Centrefold was pretty crazy (and brilliant!). How did that idea come about and how fun was it to make?

We love old skate videos and CKY and stuff so thought it would be funny to do something like that shot on VHS. So we got our friend to film us fucking around in Jimi’s flat, yeah we couldn’t stop laughing during filming! It was so hard to keep a straight face.

Check out the hilarious video for Centrefold here…

It seems that there is a running theme throughout most of the artwork surrounding Tigercub. Who creates all your art?

We have a formula for this kinda thing but we like to use a different local artist every time as there’s so many great ones in Brighton. So far we’ve had Amy Taylor, Billy Mather and Danny Hampson do work for us.

How do you feel the Brighton music scene is doing at the moment and are there any bands we should keep an eye out for?

Brighton’s too good at the moment for homegrown stuff, feels like everyone is getting a shit tonne of press. Everyone should listen to The Magic Gang, Black Honey, Demob Happy and The Wytches

Speaking of Brighton how was this year’s Great Escape for you?

It was fucking cool, so nice to see that many people coming to watch us at every show, feels like people are starting to know the songs and go wild at shows

When it comes to songwriting, do you have a general approach? How do you guys work together when creating new songs?

I usually drag a demo into the practice room and we all kick the shit out of it until it becomes a Tigercub song.

And how do you approach lyrics?

I just rant my way through it all. I find lyric writing a cathartic process so it can get quite personal. I like to make things vague to keep the peace.

And finally, what does the next 12 months hold for Tigercub?

We’re dropping our next single on Too Pure records tomorrow! After that ‘Centrefold’ and ‘Blue Blood’ are getting re-released in Australia and Japan. Then we’re gonna do a string of dates in August in support of our single:

You can catch Tigercub in August at one of the following gigs…

6th August – The Old Blue Lost, London (Free Entry)

7th August – BLEACH, Brighton (Single launch party) Tickets here.

8th August – Lennon’s, Southampton. Tickets here.